Midwest Equipment's parts department personnel are factory-trained professionals who utilize state-of-the-art computer and communications tools to provide instant information and precise stock control.

  • Our parts department has a significant spare parts inventory
  • Our computer system automatically reorders parts daily
  • Our service van stock is replenished daily to ensure that we do a "first time fix" with the correct part when you need it. After-hours parts service is also available.

We also offer:

  • Equipment refurbishing programs
  • Complete equipment rebuild programs
  • Steam cleaning of machines
  • Guaranteed work

Ask us about extended warranty availability. Call 1.800.397.1515 for more information.

Since 1993, Midwest Equipment Company has brought quality food and beverage equipment to customers throughout the Midwest. Our excellent machines and accessories have only been enhanced by our commitment to providing superior service. At Midwest, we know that your profit margins are just as important as delivering a delicious product, and with our reliable equipment and turnkey solutions, you can have the best of both. Our service department is dedicated to making sure your equipment remains in its profit-making prime through Midwest’s preventative maintenance program, highly trained on-site service professionals, and 365 day a year service. Grow your revenue with dependable equipment, flavorful products, and speedy service from Midwest.

Contact Midwest Equipment today at 1.800.397.1515 for a product demo and work with one of the top distributors in the Taylor network.

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2017 Open House at Midwest Equipment Company


Take a grand tour of our 2017 Open House!
February 19, 2017

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Midwest Equipment Company is now changing lives with every sale!


Midwest Equipment Company is now changing lives with every sale!

We are thrilled to introduce our newcompany giving program,"Purchasewith Pride". 

MEC has partnered with the St. Louis Area Foodbank and other food banks across the Midwest to give 3,650 meals to struggling families every single month. Every part, product, or machine we sell now helps feed those in need.

At MEC, we believe businesses have a duty to serve their community. We also believe struggling families should never have to worry about missing meals - and this is why we created our "Purchase with Pride" program. 

When you purchase from MEC, you can purchase with pride. 

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Purchase with Pride Giving Program at MEC with Goodmeetsworld

RSVP Today! 2017 Open House


Register Today for our 2017 Open House!

DATES: Sunday, February 19th and Monday, February 20th

TIME: 9am - 4pm both days

  • New Program Releases
  • Parts and Supplies Discounts
  • Hassle-Free Conversations
  • Equipment Demonstrations
  • Equipment Promotions

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