Broaster Cleaning Products

  • Well Cleaner part #99500 For use in your Broaster Company Pressure Fryer to clean the cooking well, basket, and handle, or in your Broaster VF-3 Ventless Countertop Fryer to clean the cooking well and basket. Case Pack: 20lb case

  • XL Filter Compound part #96589 XL Filtering Compound is an advanced product that not only removes food debris from oil, but also extracts soluble liquid impurities that contribute to the bad taste and smell of used cooking oil. Daily use of XL Filtering Compound extracts odors and off-flavors dissolved in the oil so that only clean, fresh oil touches your fried foods. XL Filtering Compound contains absolutely no crystalline silica and is USDA and FDA approved. Case Pack: 22lb case
  • Bro-Clean part #96564 Bro-Clean is a product that filters carbon particles, etc., to within 10 microns. For use on filtering paper during filtering process and can also be used with XL Filtering Compound for maximum results. Case Pack: 25lb case

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